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I'm a web designer, with a passion for design and illustration.

Working full time as a web designer I also like to design logos and sometimes illustrate. I showcase some of my freelance web design, logos and illustration in my Portfolio. Read more about me.

Recent Posts

  • Gallery Design

    I love designing things that I know, will work just as good as they look. I had to design my own little gallery page, and I wanted it to be really easy to use. I completely changed the layout of this one page, in contrast to the rest of the site. As the rest of the site is focused.. Read more
  • My back up solution for my Network Attached Storage (NAS)

    I'm not really the type of person who wants to spend hours, dabbling with network systems or anything involving the term 'network'. This is primarily the reason I went for Synology branded NAS. I won't be talking about anything majorly geeky, it's all.. Read more
  • Adapting your images to cater for Retina and 4/5K screens

    I recently got a new 27 inch 5K imac. First thing I noticed when browsing the internet was the poor quality of images on some of the sites.  This is because my 5K screen has more than double the amount of pixels than a normal HD screen. Meaning the image.. Read more
  • Getting into Sass (SCSS)

    Sass is an advanced type of the CSS coding language. It's a word to describe the language as a whole, but it has two forms of syntaxes, Sass and SCSS. They are both similar, but Sass is a kind of short hand version, like Haml for html, whereas.. Read more
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