Back from Mallorca, busy with Aquarium and general update

By Kieran Hunter

Just got back from Mallorca and thought id write a post.

Been there a few times, it's one of the places I really like, lots of English people, the towns/hotels are clean and friendly, and the weather is great in September. Typical English holiday I know.

Getting in the sea, with my trendy goggles and my snorkel seeing hundreds of fish right by the shore was a highlight. Definately getting a Go-Pro for next year.

Speaking of fish iv been taking a lot of time creating a really nice fish tank, it takes more time and care than you think when you do it right. Especially when you have a few fish deaths it makes you really cautious and you take a lot of time making sure everything running smoothly, doing your water changes and monitoring the water for certain chemicals that can build up. My mom has had to feed them since i was away and I was relieved to see that they were all still alive.

Sub-tropical aquarium, containing white cloud mountain minnows, Bristle Nose Catfish, Red Cherry Shrimp and an Assassin Snail.

Quite proud of it, and I can enjoy it now that everything's in order. My girlfriend thinks I'm sad. Have to resist the urge to buy a bigger tank. Iv directed a link from this site so it's easier to see the album on Flickr. that's not sad at all. I re-arrange and add stuff all the time so all updates will be on that link.

I'v came up with an excuse for a personal website project. The best way to get you motivated to do a project is to be really interested in it, and keeping fish is what i'm into at the moment. Regarding the fish keeping hobby, I hear numerous times, someone sets up their first fish tank and they wonder why after 5 days of putting the fish in, they all end up dead (happend to me). There's a lot more to keeping a healthy aquarium that people just dont know, untill they themselves have been through the process.

What I aim to do is make a real simple, and beautifully illustrated website that just details the essential things to think about when setting up a new tank. I'll add some pretty CSS and JavaScript animation too.

I'll have to do an update on that.

Also my sturdy 2009 iMac froze today, its really slow lately and I cant deal with it. Im going to have to fork out for an upgrade I think, and as all my data is stored on my NAS, the switchover will be instant and painless.

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