UK Plugs Logo & Web Design

By Kieran Hunter

UK Plugs, a test website I created using the Magento platform, however later on I decided to make it on WordPress as I didn’t really need a whole shop. See the website here: View the full design at my web design page. The site sells ear jewellery and the brief was to make it simple, fashionable and visually satisfying as well as easy to use.

UK Plugs new web design 2014

Magento is a web design platform that is used to create an E-commerce web site, meaning a site that sells products. Designing the logo was the best part as I was really able illustrate it just how I wanted it and I think it looks really simple and easy too.

At the moment it is only set up to use PayPal as a payment method, to enable credit card use you need a secure SSL site, and a yearly premium payment method that goes through PayPal. I think there are other alternative to PayPal. Once it picks up maybe this would be an option. However Magento is very complicated, it has great features but requires a lot of patience.

However it is the perfect solution if you want to create a professional business site. With options such as email subscriptions, discount/coupon codes, price reductions, special offers, shipping methods and a whole bunch of other stuff. However I did really just set this up on Magento so I could get a feel for the platform. I have set this up on WordPress now so it just acts as a hub for all my eBay items, and so that customers can link back using my URL instead of searching through eBay. See the website here:


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