Welcome To My Portfolio Site

By Kieran Hunter

Welcome to the blog page of KieranFiveStars. Here I will be writing about projects that I’m working on, and new project designs. I’m doing a lot of web design at the moment, really trying to clean everything up, design is never ending. As you know I have my clothing site Man Down Clothing where you can purchase clothing with some of the designs you see on here.

I also have a web tutorial website, (purely because I wanted to create one of those new ‘fashionable’ blog sites that everyone is doing now) I made a nice logo and called it Juice Web Tutorials. I have a few posts on there and I think it can be very useful. One tip when making comments available to the public though is to have some sort of captcha form they have to fill out before hand, I know it’s annoying but the amount of spam is ridiculous.

However I am still trying to get the Web Design page to work so I can a gallery going that’s just like the Illustration page but for Web Design. I am currently working on a site called Ka-Bu-Ki, it’s in very early stages, and is for a very nice theatre company.

I’m going to add a subscribe button somewhere too.. stay tuned for more.

For any enquiries or to say hello, email me at info@kieranhunter.co.uk.