Down & Out

It’s been a while since my Wacom tablet has come out to explore the illustration side of Photoshop. I was however inspired, I just really wanted to draw something and what’s better than drawing a hideous, and slightly grotesque character of some sort.

This is a very large canvas, created in Photoshop, using purely the brush tool, with the ‘Shape Dynamics’ to enable the pen pressure feature of the tablet, which gives me all those nice realistic strokes.

Colouring isn’t my strongest point within illustration. I like to draw the black outlines and leave it there, but I gave it a go and I think it turned out pretty nice. Making sure I didn’t over-do it with the shadows etc, I just thought a bit of basic colouring would give it character. I am now inspired to do more, so hopefully i’ll get time to whisk up a few more dark and eery illustrations for your viewing pleasure.

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