Creating the perfect favicon

By Kieran Hunter

You may think creating a favicon is pretty straight forward.

Favicons are of course the little icon in the browser tab next to your site title.

What I didn’t realise is how many different favicon variations you need to achieve theperfect favicon set up.

Favicons are also used for things like Apple touch icons, and the Windows 8 tiles. Of course if you dont have your favicons set up you can imagine how terrible your site is going to look when it’s displayed as an iPhone icon or on the Windows desktop.

However you dont need to know all the different sizes and file types to achieve the perfect favicon across all browsers and applications.

There is a site I found called Favicon Generator that sets everything up for you including the HTML.

All you need is a .png of your favicon that is at least 260 x 260px and you just upload it on the site. It’s brilliant!

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