Developing my custom WordPress theme

By Kieran Hunter

Recently I have been locked away designing my new theme.. from scratch using theunderscores framework from WordPress themselves. This would be my first time at attempting anything like this, and I am pleased to say it went better than expected. I have called this theme ‘Acrylic’, due to its bold, bright colour scheme, you know it makes sense. Along with a barebones framework, another thing that helped me out was theWordPress Codex (The online manual for WordPress).

The theme is primarily designed to showcase a portfolio in a grid style, and blog posts in very clean, minimal way. These are the two major functionalities. The benefits of creating your own theme is that your site will be lightweight and will only have what ‘you’ need, you’ll know exactly what’s what.

Another great thing is all the learning, probably one of the best reasons. Sure, you can copy snippets of codes from other sites, and that’s fine, and thats mostly what I did, but learning what they actually mean opens up the world of web development and you finally understand what has previously been just copying and pasting.

I am going to continue with this theme however, adding options in the admin panel with things like the ability to upload the logo, add social media links and selecting different colours etc for the less advanced developers and try and get it into the official WordPress theme archive for people to download for free.

That being said WordPress have extensive submission guidelines and will have to be verified so we shall see what happens. For now however this is my theme, and it was well worth the effort.

If you like it, or have any questions please comment below.

Update 04/08/2014

Currently working on some basic theme settings in the built in WordPress customisation API.

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