Final Fantasy X/X-2 HD Review

By Kieran Hunter

Is Final Fantasy X/X-2 HD worth buying? ..erm, yes!


I am a huge fan of Final Fantasy, completed nearly all titles. However this one is a great example of the game developers (Square Enix) doing things right. A re-make of the legendary game Final Fantasy X (10). Available on the PS3 and PS Vita, FFX HD is a beautiful re-make I must say.

I remember a while ago when I was very young, my dad buying my Final Fantasy X for the PS2 (the original release) the day it came out, for £43. Back then that kind of money for a game was probably one of the most expensive games at that time. As it’s been a while since I played number 10, purchasing the re-make and re-playing it has been amazing. Thank you Square Enix, I now only pray for a Final Fantasy IX (9) re-make! but that discussion is for another time.


The re-make includes Final Fantasy X-2 which comes as a digital download. For Vita players such as myself the download is quite large at 3.5GB when the standard vita memory card is only 4GB this means buying a new memory card aswell, and they aren’t cheap.

Also the new ‘cross-save’ feature means you can save the game on one device and play it on another, where you left off. For example on your vita, and then continue with the same save file on the PS3, however this means buying the game twice I imagine. Another great thing is that this game comes with PSN Trophies! (in-game achievements) outlining all the extra things you can do, for instance when you collect all the legendary weapons in the game known as ‘Celestial Weapons’. And who doesn’t love collecting trophies?

A guide to collecting all the Celestial weapons can be found here.

Final Fantasy X HD Iron giant

Sphere Grid

The sphere grid is an important aspect of the game some people are wondering about. This is a grid where each character learns new abilities and stats etc, by progressing through a  grid. When you first start, the game prompts you to choose between the standard and the expert grid without any explanation of which is what. This can’t be changed once you begin the game so taking note of this is important.

The standard grid has a more linear path, meaning each character pretty much has all their abilities laid out in front of them and its just a case of you progressing up. Definitely go this route if you have never played through the game previously.

The Expert grid is more confusing, all the character start pretty much around the centre of the grid, allowing any character to go through any path learning any abilities. I can imagine this can go very wrong if you just move your characters anywhere. For instance we all know that if you’re going to make a character a ‘white mage’ then that character needs to gain magic abilities such as cure and build their magic stats.

If you criss cross your paths and start building your strength half way through with that same character then you’ll end up being weak at both aspects. Each character needs to stick to a certain route.If you didn’t know that then the standard grid is for you. If you just wondered what the hell I just said then the game isn’t for you.. Just kidding. It’s pretty straight forward, and very fun.

I highly recommend purchasing this game, especially now the graphics look stunning!

See the difference between the SD and HD versions here on YouTube.

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