Going back to basics

By Kieran Hunter

In an effort to separate my 'personal web design blog', which is this one, to my recent infatuation with my aquarium i'v set myself up a new 'aquarium blog'.

This was mainly an excuse for a new, fresh, personal project that would get me riled up and back into web design at home.

At the beginning I was going to venture out and use a new CMS, broadening my knowledge and messing with a ton of PHP code, however I opted with WordPress in the end and to my own suprise i'v used the latest 'default' theme that WordPress comes packaged with, Twenty Fifteen.

I was originally going to use Anchor CMS and I set it up etc, but shortly realised I had to hack the code to get it to do exactly what I wanted. For example I wanted to post a load of blog posts and change the dates so that they would display in order of the time the post was originally written, on an external forum etc. This wasn't possible and I wasn't about to get into the core code as I knew there would be a load of work already ahead of me with the blog itself, styling and inserting the content.

Two afternoons later I have a fully functional, simple, standard blog that I'll only use now and again to post about my hobby.

I think it looks great, obviously as a designer iv messed about with it a little bit, but all in all, its the same, standard theme that all WordPress users would at one point seen.

I have managed to pull myself away from a mountain of work, that possibly only me will ever see. Why spend hundreds of hours on something so simple?


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