My Review On Sniper Elite 3 Xbox One

By Kieran Hunter

Sniper Elite 3 is not a game for the impatient. It involves lying in a bush, or a roof behind a create, staying dead still, while scoping around for enemies in the distance through a pair of binoculars. To me this sounds amazing, and it pretty much is. It’s everything you want in a sniper game.

As well as a high powered World War 2 sniper rifle, you also get kitted out with apistol, and a sub machine gun/rocket launcher, with choices of grenades, medipacks, tripwire-grenades etc. 

You get the usual game modes like Team Death Match and Death Match, along with other game modes that concentrate on the distance of kills rather than the amount, which can switch it up a bit.

While the options for weapons aren’t exactly wide (with only 4 sniper rifles to choose from) it doesn’t bring the game down. And with a title like ‘Sniper Elite 3′ you’d have to do a good job at making a game dedicated to snipers and this game does it really well.

Apart from a few issues with multiplayer (that are apparently going to get fixed very soon) I absolutely love this game.

Sniper Elite 3 maps

The game mechanics as a whole:

From moving around, running, climbing, aiming, jumping and shooting, the whole way the game works is done really well. The sprint is really fast, so theres no messing about.

The thing I like about this game is how rewarding the kills are. After patiently waiting for 5 minuets watching the enemy through your binoculars you get to blast them from an insane distance. As far as sniper games go, this is pretty much solid.

Sniper Elite 3 multiplayer map


Multiplayer is what I play most games for, the single player experience isn’t something I get excited about. Multiplayer on Sniper Elite is highly rewarding and it gets very exciting. There are a few issues though that come with the first instalments of the game, which is why I am kind of sad about the multiplayer.

The whole lobby and game searching thing is brilliant, but at the moment there aren’t many players in the games.

I mean i’v only played with four other people once, apart from that it’s one lonely guy, or just me, it’s like a ghost town for most part of it which is a shame as its a really good game.

Another thing is the bugs. On more than one occasion I’v seen players in my game with just a head, no body, just a head. You may laugh but it’s incredibly hard to spot someone with just a floating head. It amases me that this wasn’t picked up from the development team.

There are a few other minor bugs but it’s nothing that makes the game unplayable , and the game has only been out a few days. They have been very open about the bugs, letting everyone know they will be fixed the following week.

Sniper Elite 3 is an amazing game. I got it from Amazon really cheap with the DLC pack where you get to hunt Hitler! (or something like that).

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