The Joy of Sublime Text 2

By Kieran Hunter

Sublime Text 2 is an amazing text editor for web developers. If you're bored of your text editor or want to enhance it, here are a few things to take note of, if using Sublime.

Obviously there are a multitude of features Sublime has to offer, but here are a couple of useful tricks I recently came across that I thought I would outline.

Sublime Text 2 has a wide range of packages that are really easy to install. See how easy it is to install packages here (if nothing is happening, you may have to install Package Control like I had to).

Colour Highlighter

This package is really useful when it comes to identifying your hex and rgb codes in the editor. After installing it you simply click on a colour code and it shows the colour behind it.

Download it here (Read the install instructions below the file list).


This is amazing, with a keyboard shortcut you can minify your CSS or JS files, and even have it save to another file.

This way you can keep editing your original file and then save it with the shortcut and it will update the minified version. Great if you aren't yet using pre-proccesors.

Download here (again, read the install instructions below the list of files).

Colour Themes

Not as important as the other two, but when your staring at code all day its better if it looks beautiful. It also makes things exciting.

I downloaded the Dracula theme, it has a very dark purple background and bright colours that identify the code.

Download here (Instructions how to download at the top of the page).


There are many, many packages for Sublime Text 2 and more importantly you don't even have to download any files you can install them all from inside the text editor. Its all very easy.

Let me know what packages you have, and if you have any problems implementing any of these let me know.

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